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Simple Deluxe

Digital Household Wall Mount Fan

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Our digital household fan is used for cooling, circulating air, and reducing humidity levels.  Also, it helps you keep cool and comfortable throughout the year.


Special Feature: Manual

Mounting Type: Wall Mount

Speed: 3 Speed Settings

Power Supply: 120V, 60Hz

Rated Power: 60W

Rotation Angle: 90Degree 

Dimensions: 597 x 257 x 603 mm

Weight: 3.1kg

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Simple Deluxe Digital Household Wall Mount Fan

Quality Performance

With 90° oscillating , 3 speed settings, adjustable tilt and quiet operation, turn your home into a cool retreat.

  • 90° Horizontal Oscillation

    Durable steel neck supports 60 degrees of vertical tilt, oscillates 90 degrees horizontally with rope control. Ropes for speed and oscillation control.

  • 3 High Performance Speeds

    Choose from low, medium or high speed settings on 3-speed wall mount fan to best suit your environment and comfort level.