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Portable Power Station Pioneer 250

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Portable Power Station Pioneer 250, 257Wh/69600mAh Backup Lithium Battery, 110V/250W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Multiple DC Ports, Solar Generator(Solar Panel Not Included) with for Outdoors Camping, Travel, Hunting, Home Emergency.


Pioneer 250


Item Dimensions: LxWxH9 x 3.7 x 11.5 inches

Item Weight:5 Pounds

Voltage:110 Volts

Output Wattage:250 Watts


Power Source:solar powered, battery-powered

Batteries Included:Yes

Battery Cell Type: ‎Lithium Ion

USB-A Output:2*USB-A QC3.0

USB-C Output:1*USB-C(18W)

DC Output:1*DC 5521 Port(12V 2A)

AC Output:1*AC Outlet

Car Port:NO

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Portable Power Station Pioneer 250

Bullbat Portable Power Station

BULLBAT comes from a professional battery team that has been in the battery industry since 2006. Our original intention was to pursue cleaner new energy, so we established the Portable Power Station Department to use our expertise to create safe, efficient portable power stations for home and outdoor.

  • Portable Power Station Pioneer 250

    High Velocity Air Circulator

    With 3-speed motor and Newest Technology of Dual Ball Bearing, makes our fan the most powerful Pedestal Standing Fan on the market.

  • Portable Power Station Pioneer 250


    Pioneer 250 supports pass-through charging, you can use the AC/DC/USB ports while charging this power station. But for best battery performance, we'd recommend to use the power station after the charging is finished.

  • Portable Power Station Pioneer 250


    The LED screen of this power station can show battery percentage in bars and numbers, watt input and output all in numbers, and AC frequency. It's very convenient for you to operate and check the real-time battery.

  • Portable Power Station Pioneer 250


    The built-in Lithium-ion battery pack makes this power station smaller and lighter than other LiFePO4 battery. It weighs only 5 pounds, very portable and easy to take along places. It also has an easy to carry handle built in.

  • Portable Power Station Pioneer 250



    The DC5525 input port supports 40W MAX input power.

    1)Charging by Wwall Outlet(40W INPUT): 6-7 Hrs

    3)Charging by Car Lighter(40W INPUT): 6-7 Hrs

    4)Charging by Solar Panel(40W INPUT): 7-8 Hrs

  • Portable Power Station Pioneer 250


    power station is built-in Li-ion battery pack. The battery life can last more than 500 cycle times(80%), which means it can still maintain more than 80% of the battery capacity after 500 cycle times, and you can continue to use it even more than 2000 times.

  • Portable Power Station Pioneer 250


    This power station also features a LED flashlight with 2 lighting levels and 2 flashing levels. It's sometimes helpful especially when you need to look for something in the dark during an outage, or to illuminate your way when camping outdoor.

  • Portable Power Station Pioneer 250


    1 x Bullbat power station

    1 x AC adapter & charging cable

    1 x Solar charging cable

    1 x Car charging cable

    1 x User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I connect the solar and its plug?

A: There is an attached solar charging cable in our accessory, you can use it directly, but the power of the solar panel must be within 60W and the voltage within 18V.

Q: Warranty- if something is wrong will you send a replacement if you have a problem that it does not work properly ?

A: If the product fails to work properly due to quality problems, we will replace the product for the customer after our confirmation. However, the quality of our products is excellent, so you don't have to worry about the product quality problems.

Q: Does the ac outlet work for three prong plug-ins?

A: This power station can use three-pronged plug-in.

Q: Can all the ports be used at the same time as it's charging?

A: Poinner supports pass-through charging. But we don't suggest, it will cause damage to battery life.

Q: How long (months or years) will this battery work?

A: We use a car battery, which means it's more efficient and durable than normal lithium-ion batteries, with a cycle life of only 500 times. It has a 1000 cycle life, which means that the product can have 1000 cycles of charge and discharge with its efficient function. Assuming four cycles of charge and discharge per month, you could use it for 20 years. Not to mention the Poinar 250, which is only 80 percent efficient even after its full cycle life.